Proud to be Capitalise Partners

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Capitalise which allows us to super charge the business advice and solutions we can give to you. We’re now even-more equipped to help you stay in control of your finances, improve your credit score and reach your business goals.

A Credit Score

Capitalise Tools and Benefits

Get a Holistic View of Your Business

Proactively identify any risks to your cashflow, ahead of time, to ensure you are always in the best possible financial position. Together, we can set your goals, decide on a finance strategy and monitor your performance over time.

Improve Your Credit Score

Get real-time insights into your credit score, credit risk and payment performance, all of which is powered by Experian data. You can also look at boosting your credit score which can help you access cheaper funding and unlock better credit terms with suppliers.

Access to Funding

Capitalise works with a network of over 100 lenders, meaning we can find you the best funding solutions that can match your business needs.Through Capitalise, we can also work with you to reduce bad debt and bring uncovered cash back into your business.

Plugging the Finance Gap One Business at a Time

Typically, 80% of businesses only apply to one lender to raise finance, resulting in them missing out on alternative funding products, which are often cheaper and better suited to their business. DL Accounts’ specialist Capitalise team can assist to get you the best deal

Types of Funding Products Offered:

Asset Finance

Invoice Finance

Trade Finance

Merchant Cash Finance

Property Finance

Working Capital