Balancing the Books

If you want your company to run efficiently, not to mention legally when it comes to the tax office; balanced books are crucial for providing business owners with the information they need to make sound forecasting decisions.

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Budget March 2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak's has given his much anticipated March 2021 budget today. All the details are still to be released so we will give you a brief overview of the main bits.

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Sole Trader Vs Self-Employed

What is a sole trader?The term sole trader describes the actual structure of your business. While it is someone who is self-employed, it is also a person who is the exclusive owner of their business. You need to register with HMRC as self-employed to pay tax through the self-assessment process. (more…)... Read More

2021: How to Organise your Finances

In fact, a study of small and medium-size business-owners revealed they spent up to three hours a day completing necessary paperwork. This left them short of time to take care of the important task of promoting and growing their business.

2021: How to Organise your Finances

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How important is it to take care of your finances?

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The War Accountant

While the Great War and World War 2 caused personal tragedy, hardship and upheaval for the British public, the conflicts also had a lasting effect on our nation's banking system. Before the 1914-18 war, financial institutions hadn't changed since the Victorian era. New technology, such as typewriters and telephones, were starting to be used, but banks in general had remained the same since the 1870s.

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Self-employed Courier Drivers: How Accountants can Help

Being a self-employed courier driver can be a lucrative source of income, as the demand is high, due to people deciding to skip the shops in favour of purchasing online instead. We've seen a continual growth in online shopping and a connected need for reliable delivery services in recent years.

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Winter Economy Plan

Chancellor Rishi Sunak's announced today new measures to help support and protect viable jobs. All the details are still to be released so we will give you a brief overview of the main bits.

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Payroll: How Accountants can Help

Payroll is crucial to the smooth operation of any business, as it calculates how much each employee needs to be paid, how much tax and National Insurance should be deducted and reports the employees' pay details to HMRC.

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The Importance of Accounting for Business Success

It's impossible to run a business today without proper accounting, because you won't have any idea of your company's financial health. According to the latest statistics, 91% of small businesses and 87% of medium businesses hire an external accountant to ensure things keep running smoothly. It has become the norm today to take the strain off beleaguered bosses.

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