New Build VAT Reclaims

New Build VAT Reclaims

When you self-build a new house you are going to live in you can claim back VAT for some materials and expenses. It is recommended you speak to an accountant beforehand for what items you can claim back for in VAT reclaims as well as the logistics of it because there are some important rules that apply. Read on to find out how we can help you today.

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What’s included in this VAT Reclaim service?

Firstly, we will provide you a list of materials you can claim VAT back for. Unlike most of our accounting services which are now digital, You MUST keep physical copies of receipts in order to claim back for VAT reclaims. We will then take these from you, and all required documents and prepare your 431NB form. When you are ready to submit your VAT reclaim we will do this for you in due time.

Please note, you can only do a VAT reclaim ONCE per house. Furthermore, you only have 3 months after competition to submit the claim. Consequently, it is best to do this immediately after you have fully finished your build.

Likewise, we also have Self Build Mortgages Services available in house with our recommended partner Laura Rickard Mortgages Ltd if required.

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