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2% inflation target

Where Did the 2% Inflation Target Originate?

13th Feb 2024

Central banks all over the world have been striving for years to reduce inflation to 2%, but the figure isn’t based on any academic research. In fact, a growing number of economists and financial experts have

Model house with a percentage sign

How do Capital Allowances Work for Holiday Lets?

12th Jan 2024

Capital allowances for furnished holiday lets can be confusing to say the least. However, it pays to have an understanding of how the tax system works. There are various expenses and allowances that you can offset

Christmas accounting

Festive Finances: A Guide for SMEs

08th Dec 2023

In the run-up to Christmas, businesses are more likely to experience cashflow issues, so it’s important to ensure smooth management of your finances at this time of year. The festive period is traditionally hectic, bringing with


Chances of a Recession are 50/50

10th Nov 2023

Britain could be heading for a recession after all – despite hopes the threat had been averted in March this year. News from the Bank of England that there’s a 50/50 chance of a recession by


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