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Choosing an Accountant for your Business

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17th July 2020

Dexter Lawrence Written by Dexter Lawrence

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Think of it as if you were taking on a new business partner. The right accountancy firm will become a trusted and dependable colleague, who gives you sound advice and guidance as your business grows. Bearing this in mind, what are the key things you should look out for?

Meeting your needs

First and foremost, consider what you actually need from your accountant. Perhaps you're looking for someone who specialises in a specific area, such as a company with expertise in accountancy for property investors, or someone who deals with Construction Industry Scheme returns?

Whatever your requirements, search for the establishment that can best offer the specialisation that you require. A good way of finding the right one is to check who looks after the accounts for the people in your network. A word-of-mouth recommendation is like gold dust when you’re buying anything, whether it's products or services. Good accountancy recommendations from the businesses you deal with are a good start - and you might also find out who to avoid.

Check out online reviews of accountants too, using sites like Google, Trustpilot and Facebook, where existing customers can leave an unbiased review. This will give you a better idea of what the accountants are really like.

Should you meet your accountant in person?

Before the evolution of the internet, business owners would usually use a local accountant whom they could meet in person to discuss their company finances. However, times have changed and even the most traditional accountants use emails these days to keep in touch with clients.

There are many dedicated online accountancies with an efficient infrastructure to cope with the practicalities of keeping in touch with clients long-distance. These online accountants are still able to offer a personal service, but with the added convenience of not having to attend a meeting face-to-face.

This gives you a wider choice, as hiring an online accountant means you won’t be limited to an accountant in your local area.

What services should accountants offer?

An accountant should be able to offer the most modern and innovative services to ensure your business accounts are run as efficiently as possible.

DL Accounts utilises the latest technology to ensure clients receive a professional and reliable service. We are a certified partner of Dext, providing automated bookkeeping that you can trust.

Running your own business is hard enough without having to keep track of receipts and invoices. Dext helps to ensure you comply with making tax digital by going paperless. It makes it simple for you to keep track, turning irritating pieces of paper into data that will help drive your success.

We are a Platinum Partner of Xero - small business accounting software that allows you to log in online anywhere, anytime, on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone to see up-to-date financial information. It’s smart, easy to use and saves you time.

Our Dual Vision Reporting advanced feature offers many benefits, such as tracking for actual and forecast data; consolidation for multiple businesses; daily, weekly or monthly reporting for Quickbooks and Xero; automated VAT calculations and more.

What about the costs?

Accountants traditionally charge by the hour, but the option of a fixed monthly fee can be more appealing, as it takes care of everything, providing all the support that clients need inclusive in the fee.

Accountancy solutions you can trust

DL Accounts offers a high level of flexibility with their range of solutions that can be chosen, including the Expand, Elevate and Elite Peace of Mind Packages. For further information, or if you would prefer a bespoke quotation, please contact us on 01726 216110.