Receipt Bank

All DL Accounts clients get unlimited access to Receipt Bank for FREE!

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Why Receipt Bank

No more data entry. No more paper. Receipt Bank helps small businesses comply with making tax digital by going paperless, leaving you to do more of what you love.

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Automated bookkeeping for your business that you can trust.

Running your own business is hard enough without having to keep track of receipts and invoices.

Receipt Bank makes it simple, turning those annoying bits of paperwork into data you can use to help you drive your success.
And with 99.9% data extraction accuracy, it’s technology you can trust.

Receipt Bank benefits

We make keeping track of all your receipts and invoices as easy as 123. With our award-winning mobile app, there’s no need to hang on to paperwork or enter data into spreadsheets.

Let us take care of your books and get your evenings back.

Receipt Bank Process

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is the simplest yet most effective way of obtaining data from our clients.

Businesses lose money every year in unclaimed expenses, such as misplaced receipts, but now you can stop these losses!

Receipt Bank is an award-winning software add-on that converts all your bills, invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you to send your financial information straight to us

By utilising the user friendly mobile app, as a client, you can simply take a photo of your receipt or invoice. If you receive emailed invoices as a PDF or in the HTML then you just forward the email to your own personal Receipt Bank email address and your done. No need to print it and keep the paper copy.

It’s quick and easy and enables us to then access this information online and take care of the rest for you.

The best part of all of this is that DL Accounts Ltd are giving this to all of our clients for FREE, this will also enable us to perform the next stage in Making Tax Digital which is coming in soon. We will also set you up and give you all the guidance you need going forward.

With Receipt Bank’s flexible submission methods you’ll never lose another document as it’s simple to submit them instantly. You can submit in a variety of ways, for example by email, post, the receipt bank app or dropbox, choosing whichever are best for your business!