Tax Protection Insurance

There’s no need to worry about an HMRC tax enquiry when you take out Tax Protection Insurance, as you can relax in the knowledge, we’ve got you covered in the event of an enquiry, review, intervention or audit.

HMRC investigations can be complex and time-consuming and at present the enquiry rate is high, as the body is targeted with increasing tax revenue. Business record checks, compliance visits and interventions can be carried out on any person or business that pays tax – many are selected completely at random.

Even if your tax returns and business records are 100% accurate and the tax office finds no discrepancies, paying accountancy fees can cost you thousands of pounds. Tax Protection Insurance is a simple, cost-effective way to combat this.

Our no-nonsense policy allows us to deal with correspondence from HMRC, so that if you’re subject to an enquiry, under the policy, we will defend you – thus saving you the potentially high costs of hiring an independent, professional defence. Our policy also includes cover for HMRC visits.

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