DuaL Vision Reporting

DuaL Vision Reporting allows you to "future proof" your business

Advanced features that put you in the driving seat of your business

Sometimes you need a little more. We understand that despite being a small business, or an accounting professional who advises them, you still have a lot to control. Our forecasting and reporting tools help you do just that.

  • Xero’s tracking for actual & forecast data
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reporting for Xero & Quickbooks
  • Consolidation for multiple businesses
  • Loan forecasting wizards
  • Live updating formula forecast methods
  • Create the KPIs once using formulas and they will update automatically from here on in
  • Manual “no cash” journals for power forecasting
  • Automated VAT Calculations
  • Group your Chart of Accounts in a way that makes sense for you and use these groups in dashboards and forecasts
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Dual Vision

Our new product is a game changer in accounting terms. With this revolutionary concept, it really puts the advice into accounts.

This product gives you accurate, real time data to allow you to make informed decisions on the future of your business.

DuaL Vision Reporting will help ensure that you are always ahead of the game…. This is the only true way to “Future-Proof” your business.


Using the new technology of cloud accounting, DuaL Vision Reporting can create forecast Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflows. As we use actual data, the forecasts are much more accurate than traditional forecasts. Forecasts can also be updated easily as new live data is automatically fed into DuaL Vision Reporting, meaning you are always one step ahead of the game!

DuaL Vision Reporting can also do unlimited What If scenarios for your business, meaning we can tell you how a new venture will impact you and advise accordingly.

Working with MTD Experts has been a pleasure…they introduced us to Xero and Receipt Bank which has saved us hours of data input a week. We were then introduced to DuaL Vision reporting, the daily insights and KPI’s have really helped move us forward.

N Semmens ~ Ocean Magic Ltd



You will get your own personal business dashboard, specifically designed around your business; with 24 hours a day access from any device (Laptop, Tablet or phone) with an internet connection, you’re never far away from your latest business reports.

Your dashboard will provide you with everything you need to make informed decisions, from key KPI’s to Profit and Loss reports, you will have it all at the end of your fingertips.

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