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Imagine a life with no more data entry and no more paper! Receipt Bank helps small businesses to make tax digital by going paperless.

Tools to Transform your Practice

Receipt Bank is a simple, yet effective method of obtaining data from our clients. It’s a fact that businesses lose money all the time in unclaimed expenses, such as when receipts are misplaced, but you can prevent these losses with this award-winning software add-on.

By converting all your invoices, bills and receipts into data, you can enjoy the convenience of sending your financial information straight to us. We also provide a user-friendly mobile app, so our clients can simply take a photo of invoices or receipts.

When you receive emailed invoices as a PDF, or within the HTML, all you need to do is forward the email to your personal Receipt Bank email address. There’s no need to print off the email to keep a paper copy. Once it’s sent, you’re done!

Receipt Bank Process

Let DL Accounts take care of the process for you by accessing the information online – we’re giving this service to our clients free of charge. This will also enable us to complete the next stage of Making Tax Digital. We’ll set you up and give you the guidance you need to go forward.

Never lose a document again! It’s so easy to submit them by email, the Receipt Bank app, through the post or via Dropbox – simply choose the best option for your business.


I have been using DL Accounts for around 6 years now. I have seen their company expand but the personal experience has not changed one bit.

Every question I have asked, no matter how trivial, I have always got a quick response.

Dexter and his team have made accounting so simple and fluid by using tools such as Receipt Bank and Xero.

I have recommended to a few of my friends and they too have been very happy with the service provided.

If you are looking for an accountant, give DL Accounts a call.

Dean Dalton

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