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The confirmation statement has replaced its predecessor, the annual return, which was also filed with Companies House each year, usually on the anniversary of the incorporation of the business.

Every UK-registered private limited company and limited liability partnership is required by law to submit a confirmation statement to Companies House every year. We will complete this procedure for you and keep you compliant with the current regulations.

In the case of a company, the confirmation statement contains information about its directors and shareholders. For a limited liability partnership, the confirmation statement details its members. The confirmation statement also lists the business’s registered office address for both limited companies and limited liability partnerships.

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Like an annual return, the confirmation statement provides Companies House with an annual update of the business’s management and ownership. It also requires an annual filing fee. It is a separate document from a company’s Corporation Tax return and a business’s accounts.A significant difference between the old annual return and its successor is that the confirmation statement must include the names of “persons with significant control”. These are usually the individuals who own at least 25% of the business who are not directors.
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