Cashflow Management Services

Providing professional management, we will analyse your business’s cash flow. We can monitor the amount of cash your business has available at any one time, as well as projecting cash inflow and outflow.

If you’re planning a meeting with the bank manager and require a financial forecast for the next 12 months, or if you’re looking to finance a new project: understanding and managing your cash flow is essential. Expert financial forecasting keeps you in control of your company.

DL Accounts can provide you with regularly updated cash flow projections. We’ll advise you on the peaks and dips in your cash flow, and analyse your actual results compared with your budgeted performance. We’ll let you know whether any banking covenants may be breached, enabling you to take remedial action fast.

If you’ve had a good year, this can result in a higher tax bill, so we can include payments in next year’s cash flow projection and then have our tax advisory team look into how your tax bill can be minimised.

Expanding your business puts increased demand on cash flow, as more money is tied up in stock and debts. Over-trading can present a cash flow management risk, especially if your business has expanded quickly following a period of recession.

While maximising the returns, we will give you continual advice and recommendations to enable you to control the risks.

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