DuaL Vision Reporting

Our latest product, Dual Vision Reporting, is a revolutionary innovation that's a real game-changer in accounting terms. Our ground-breaking service provides accurate, real time data, which will enable you to make informed decisions to shape the future of your business.

We use the new technology of cloud accounting to enable accurate forecasting of profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheets. As we're using real data, the resulting forecasts are significantly more accurate than traditional forecasts.

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Our new system also enables forecasts to be updated easily, as the live data is automatically fed into the Dual Vision Reporting system. One particularly useful feature is the ability to complete unlimited "Wha...
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Tax Protection Insurance

There's no need to worry about an HMRC tax enquiry when you take out Tax Protection Insurance, as you can relax in the knowledge, we've got you covered in the event of an enquiry, review, intervention or audit.

HMRC investigations can be complex and time-consuming and at present the enquiry rate is high, as the body is targeted with increasing tax revenue. Business record checks, compliance visits and interventions can be carried out on any person or business that pays tax – many are selected completely at random.

Even if your tax returns and business records are 100% accurate and the tax office finds no discrepancies, paying accountancy fees can cost you thousands of pounds. Tax Protection Insurance is a simple, cost-effective way to combat this.

Our no-nonsense policy allows us to deal with correspondence from HMRC, so that if you're subject to an enquiry, under the policy, we will defend you - thus saving you the potentially high co...

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Confirmation Statement Services

The confirmation statement has replaced its predecessor, the annual return, which was also filed with Companies House each year, usually on the anniversary of the incorporation of the business.

Every UK-registered private limited company and limited liability partnership is required by law to submit a confirmation statement to Companies House every year. We will complete this procedure for you and keep you compliant with the current regulations.

In the case of a company, the confirmation statement contains information about its directors and shareholders. For a limited liability partnership, the confirmation statement details its members. The confirmation statement also lists the business's registered office address for both limited companies and limited liability partnerships.

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Receipt Bank Services

Imagine a life with no more data entry and no more paper! Receipt Bank helps small businesses to make tax digital by going paperless.

Tools to Transform your Practice

Receipt Bank is a simple, yet effective method of obtaining data from our clients. It's a fact that businesses lose money all the time in unclaimed expenses, such as when receipts are misplaced, but you can prevent these losses with this award-winning software add-on.

By converting all your invoices, bills and receipts into data, you can enjoy the convenie...

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MTD Returns

Creating a Making Tax Digital Return

The government's Making Tax Digital initiative aims to implement one of the world's leading tax systems in the United Kingdom. In future, almost all businesses and sole traders will be required to submit quarterly electronic accounts, known as MTD returns.

Companies will have to keep their business records digitally. Those who already use software to keep business records will need to ensure it is MTD-compatible. Businesses who currently don't use software will need to alter their tax system to comply with the new requirements.

From 1st

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Annual Accounts

It's really important to get your annual accounts right, as this will enable you to budget accurately and grow your business. With extensive experience, we are able to give you the right advice at the right time.

Our professional services include preparing annual accounts for companies, small businesses and contractors. Your accounts will be produced efficiently, without hassle for your business.

Apart from accounts being a legal requirement, you can benefit from considering the information in your accounts, that will tell you how well your business is progressing, while highlighting any areas that may need to be addressed.

We offer HMRC-compliant full annual accounts production by our professional accountants. We will compile your accounts and submit them to Companies House and HMRC, so that you can concentrate on the important task of running your bus...

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Tax Returns

Submitting a Tax Return

When it comes to tax return submissions, it's vital that your business stays compliant to avoid fines. You must send a tax return if, in the past tax year, you earned more than £1,000 as a self-employed sole-trader, or if you were involved in a business partnership.

You must also submit a tax return if you rent out a property, earn tips or commission, have foreign income, or income from savings, investments or dividends.If you're unsure whether you must submit a tax return, we can advise you on this. We will take care of everything for you, no matter how complicated, so you can... Read More

Company Formation Services

DL Accounts will register your new business as a limited company at Companies House.

Starting the company is just the first step on the road to running your own business. You must also register for the relevant HM Revenue & Customs business taxes. We can help small businesses, freelancers and contractors to form a limited company and advise you on the best tax structures.

Our company formation packages include registration for PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax. We will discuss the best trading vehicle for your business, before helping you to form your limited company, enabling you to open a bank account and begin trading.

We will take care of filing and updating your records at Companies House each year, so you will never miss a deadline. We also monitor any changes in company laws to make sure you remain compliant, maintain your statutory registers, complete your share transfer forms and certificates and advise on general company law. Read More

Corporation Tax Returns

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Corporation Tax is levied on limited companies' taxable profits and on the profits of other organisations such as societies, clubs and associations.

Our Corporation Tax returns service ensures all the required information about your business is submitted to the relevant places on your behalf. We will submit your Corporation Tax return to HMRC and we'll also ensure everything is submitted to Companies House.All Corporation Tax returns for accounting periods must now be filed online. All UK small businesses now have an online personal tax account. Your company tax return, tax calculation and ... Read More

Payroll & Pension Services

All employers are required by law to assess their employees for pension eligibility, auto-enrolling those who meet the requirements. We will take care of everything involving auto-enrolment pensions, such as submitting pension contributions and opting out employees.

Paying your staff in a correct and timely manner and dealing with related financial matters, such as pensions, are vital to your business's success. Good financial management leads to good people management. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, so getting on top of your business's finances is one of the most important tasks you will undertake.

We offer a weekly or monthly payroll service for companies of all sizes. We will process your payslips and submit the PAYE RTI to HMRC to ensure you don’t get any fines. We will also calculate the NI you must pay to HMRC as a...

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeper Using Accounts Package

We offer a quarterly bookkeeping service, included on the Expand and Elevate packages as standard. We can, however, also offer this service weekly or monthly, depending on your needs and budget.

Every business is legally obliged to keep records of all transactions. There must be an accurate record of all sales, purchases and expenses. If your business doesn't keep accurate records, HMRC could fine you up to £3,000. You could also receive an additional tax bill if it's discovered that your recor...

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VAT Returns

Let us take the hassle out of compiling your VAT returns - a mandatory task that every business must complete, no matter how tedious and time-consuming it can be.

It is worked out by calculating the VAT you can reclaim on your business expenses and the VAT charged on your sales. The completed VAT returns will show either the amount of VAT refund that you're owed, or the amount you owe HMRC.First, we check your bookkeeping to ensure everything is in order. We will then send you accurate, up-to-date figures, making sure you always meet deadlines, so you're never caught out.We will calculate and submit VAT returns on our clients' behalf, in addition to meeting your filing deadlines with HMRC. We also advise clients on the VAT scheme that's most suitable for your business, choosing from standard, cash or flat rate. VAT returns can be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on your requirements.Read More

Management Accounts

Management Accounts Reporting

All our Elevate and Elite customers have basic quarterly management accounts included. We will prepare and provide timely financial and statistical information about your business, so you can make wise managerial decisions.

A customer favourite, our Elevate package includes annual accounts, quarterly MTD return...

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